Friday, 27 February 2015

Shetland Born

Shetland Born
By Jacqueline Work
You wake each day with a sense of pride
You look out the window at the high tide
You go out the door and smell clean air
You feel safe without a single care
It doesn't matter where you go
You always meet someone you know
But this great isle is not any of this
It's not the kiss of the rain or the windy hiss
It's not the people or every great morn
It's the great pride knowing you're Shetland Born

Brotherly love

Brotherly Love
By Jacqueline Work
For my brother 
Our future will take us two different ways
But the love between us forever stays
We may not travel the same roads to come
But our paths, they may cross some
As you go your way and I go mine
We realize that we will be just fine
The memories we have will keep us strong
If we think on those nothing can go wrong
The bond we have will never break apart
Because brother you are always in my heart
Even though we fight from time to time
I'm glad as a brother I can call you mine

Him and me

Him and me
By Jacqueline Work
The moment i think of you
My heart skips a beat
I hope you feel the same to
The way you talk is just neat
You know just what to say
To make me laugh and smile
You've changed my life in every way
For you I'd go the extra mile
When i first saw you i knew
Right there and then
That the one for me was you

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to run
By Jacqueline Work
Nowhere to run but everywhere to go
My whole world on a complete go slow
Everywhere i turn there's a road block
Those hands never move on that clock
Standing alone in a packed crowd
How I wish I could scream out load
No one understands me
No one will ever see
The girl i hide behind this mask
Its a very though ask
To keep up this game
My life never moves always the same
I'm climbing a never ending hill
Something has to change before it stands still

Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad
Written by Jacqueline Work
A special poem to our mum and dad from me, My brother and sister to show them how much we love them.
This is just a little note
To show how much we care
For everything you've done
You are always there
You pick us up
When we fall
You cry when we cry
You do it all
You are more than
Just parents to us
You are our world
The reason we are us
Even when we are a pain
When we drive you up the wall
You just smile and carry on
Like its nothing big or small
This is just our way
Of saying to you two
From the bottom of our hearts
We love both of you!